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A & P Magic presents: Stand Up Guys the Lecture

A & P Magic presents: Stand Up Guys the Lecture

Scott Alexander and Puck have created some of the most commercial stand-up routines of the past decade. On this DVD you will gain insights on how they invent, develop and create the magic they perform, and how you can put together the props for these routines to add them to your own show.You will learn the secrets to getting big laughs with the Candle to Flower. An opening bit that Scott performs regularly on major cruise lines. You will also get all the insider info on how to build your own version of Scott and Puck's Twentieth Century Silks Routine Hanky Panky. You'll learn how to make your own gaffs for this duo's runaway hit Shoe Business for just pennies. And if that weren't enough, you also learn all the work on their reboot of the classic needle swallowing routine they call The Needles. It has fooled some of the best minds in magic.


As a bonus there are also some magic parody's, original songs, and other bits of business as recorded live during thier lecture at the Denny & Lee Magic Studio.


*Rated PG-13 for Some Adult Language 

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