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Parrot from Sketch Pad

Parrot from Sketch Pad

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Parrot From Sketch Pad


This, of course, is Puck’s adaptation of Kevin James Bowlarama. Says Puck: “For years I was trying to come up with a way to produce my parrot without having to do the whole dove act. I needed something portable, reliable, and highly visual. I had been using Kevin’s Bowlarama for years and came up with a way to get the impact of the bowling ball using a live parrot. I had to totally redesign the pad in order to accomplish this. What I came up with was a great pad that is very easy to reset and there are very little angle problems.


“I debuted my version at the Magic Castle two years ago and found that it was very well received by both lay and magician audiences. It virtually gets gasps as my parrot walks out of the pad.


The pads are hand-made by me and will last a lifetime if properly cared for. I am still using my prototype and have done over 300 shows with it. The pad will accommodate a parrot that is 20″ from the tip of his head to the end of his tail. This makes it ideal for conures, greys, militaries, amazons, mini-me caws, and cockatoo’s.”


100% acknowledged and approved by Kevin James, Parrot From Sketch Pad by Puck includes the special pad, enough paper to do 100 shows, the perfect marker, special glue stick, and video instructions.


Check out our demo videos, one with Puck’s live performance of the Parrot From Sketch Pad, and the second from Dave Womach’s live performance of the Parrot From Sketch Pad.



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