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Wishes 3.0

Wishes 3.0

SKU: 126351351935

“Wishes 3.0”
The Ultimate Closer by Scott Alexander & Puck


Feeling like the “snow thing” is a little “played out?”

In this wonderful little piece bubbles are wishes, and the farther and the higher they fly, the better chance they have of coming true.

Wishes is a perfect closer that has not only amazing magic, audience interaction, comedy, and beautiful visuals, but also a heart warming storyline that will engage your audience and have them standing in the aisles.


Comes with special Bubble Container and Wand, Solid Bubble, Stainless Pail, Sound Gimmick, Tray, and a BRAND NEW UPGRADED invertible Bubble Machine.

This machine was created and fabricated to our specifications just for this routine AND PRODUCES DOUBLE THE AMMONT OF BUBBLES AND REQUIRES HARDLY ANY UPKEEP AT ALL. Just run warm water thru it once and you are all set until the next showtime!


This is the trick that Scott and Puck have been using to close their theatre show for the past several years. It is unique, engaging and not everyone else is doing it.

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