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      If you are producing Exotic Birds these holders are made for birds that don’t like bags.

      Each harness is custom made by hand to the exact dimensions of each bird. The harness was designed primarily for working professional magicians that produce exotic birds. For Cockatoos, Macaws, Conures, Greys and other similar sized birds.

      SKU: PM-03A.

    Exotic Bird Harness

    The exclusive safe and comfortable design allows the bird to be positioned comfortably on a perch without anything touching their body. When the bird is produced it will look its best – without any broken or ruffled feathers. Each harness is made with a quick release – using only one simple movement by the performer. Tested under actual performance conditions and as you know it’s the little things that make the difference.

    We need the following to produce a harness for your bird.

    • The type of bird.
    • The dimension in inches from the top of the birds head to the perch.
    • The dimension in inches from the perch to the tip of the birds tail.
    • The dimension in inches across the broadest part of the shoulders.

    *For orders outside of the Continental US please  contact alpumagic@hotmail.com for shipping cost.

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      Puck’s Harness Rocks!

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