• MIB – Message in a Bottle

    MIB – Message in a Bottle by Scott Alexander & Puck

    Effect: A sealed glass bottle containing a rolled up message is given to a volunteer in the audience to hold onto for safe keeping. Four audience members are randomly chosen with a beach ball and asked to help complete a story about being stranded on a deserted island. Their answers are recorded on a small dry erase board.

    The person with the bottle is asked to bring it on stage and drop it into a paper bag where it is broken with a small hammer. The rolled up message is removed and then slowly unrolled between the performer and volunteer stretching across the stage. As it’s unrolled, the story is read aloud and matches all of the information given by the audience just moments before, including the name of your volunteer helping to unroll the message! For example – “I’m line-dancing on the island and getting sick of eating tomatoes. Got chased by a cheetah, but luckily Elvis rescued me…wish you were here Jerry!”

    This is eight minutes of solid comedy mentalism, full of excitement and impossibility. The most amazing part is that this is a completely self contained, one man effect. Everything is under your control at all times, requiring no off stage assistants.

    Special Points:

    *The method used to accomplish the “Confabulation” effect is original and new.

    *This is a one man prediction using no offstage assistants.

    *You never leave the stage or go behind any tables or coverings.

    *The prediction is under your control at all times.

    *The predicted words are written within a story and not placed consecutively one after the other.

    *The entire prediction is written in large print and can be stretched up to 15‘ across the stage.

    *The method and apparatus can be used as a utility to easily customize your presentation.

    *The entire unit will fit comfortably in a standard sized carry on suitcase.

    Comes complete with: M.I.B. Special Dry Erase Board and Stand, Markers, Small Hammer & Tongs, Bags, Magician’s Wax, and Paper. – ( Unit Requires 8 AAA batteries, not included )

    *For orders outside of the Continental US please  contact alpumagic@hotmail.com for shipping cost.







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