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    In 2013 Scott Alexander and Puck introduced a new concept to the mentalism world with the release of MIB: Message in a Bottle. MIB was an electronic mechanical marvel that allowed for a large scale written prediction to be accomplished without the use of any backstage assistants. The unit was extremely portable and fit comfortably in a carry on suitcase.

    Scott & Puck have received many ideas and suggestions from users of MIB and have adapted these ideas to create a streamlined non-electronic version. MIB is now thinner, lighter, extremely quiet, and 100% battery free! Welcome to MIB Unplugged!

    Now you can perform this powerful feat of mentalism without fear of dying batteries and electronics. With the new gimmick you no longer have to worry about loud noises to deter you from performing this in a stand up or parlor environment.

    The three and a half foot long written prediction is completely under your control at all times. If you’ve ever considered getting the original MIB but felt it was out of your price range or were shy about using electronics, or were concerned about any noise, then MIB Unplugged is for you. MIB Unplugged is one-third the price of the original, it’s easier to set up and perform, yet delivers the same impact as the original, making this version perfect for everyone!

    The unit comes with the super thin MIB dry erase board, paper bags, tongs, magic markers, eraser, and paper along with training video, two NEW routines, and multiple live performance demonstrations.

    Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for shipping.

    *For orders outside of the Continental US please  contact alpumagic@hotmail.com for shipping cost.



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    1. 5 out of 5


      Wow! You guys have literally taken this plot to the next level!

      As you know I’ve used the electronic MIB for ages now and love it. However the limitation has always been being asked to do a show at the end of a close up set and having to think about taking along PA etc if not available to make the music happen.

      This has changed all that and is, in my opinion, the best and only way to do the confabulation trick now period.

      It’s so direct and for me the lack of need to play that last bit of music to “get the ball back” but finish electronically scrolling the paper has eliminated a massive thing in my routine.

      I used to revert to the original confabulation with a small pad etc when there wasn’t PA but now don’t have to bother. This is really the final answer (no pun intended).
      It just looks so natural and props are so non-Prop like. It’s amazing

      This new MIB has made the process fast and easy as well as using just really basic looking props. Amazing thinking. So grateful you put it out there for the rest of us to use.

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