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      Scott Alexander and Puck have teamed up to create what is best described as the most direct, safest and easily reset version of the classic needles from the mouth presentation ever devised.

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    “The Needles” by Scott Alexander & Puck

    Road tested by both Scott and Puck, over countless performances for all types of audiences on land and sea, this routine packs small and plays huge! The Needles is so deviously simple to execute, that you can devote most of your focus where it should be, on presentation.

    Those who have gotten a peek behind the curtain have been amazed at the super quick reset time, and the tremendous level of safety this method offers. And if all this weren’t enough, the most incredible part is, that you start clean… and end clean!

    The Needles package comes complete with the detailed training DVD, featuring live performance footage, needles, thread, wine glass, pincushion and the devious gaffs that make this routine a guilty pleasure to perform.

    *For orders outside of the Continental US please  contact alpumagic@hotmail.com for shipping cost.

    5.00 out of 5

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    1. 5 out of 5


      Love “The Needles” by Scott and Puck. They have come up with a very unique handling for this classic and have eliminated some of the challenges that were present before. I use it to close my stage and stand up shows. Always gets an incredible response from my audiences.

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